Popular Infertility treatments offered in India & their Success Rates!

Infertility problem that affects people both physically and emotionally. Infertility is basically a condition where male and female facing issues in getting pregnant or even unable to conceive naturally. All around the world many couples are suffering from infertility issues. With the advanced technology of reproductive medicine can now be resolved and successfully treated any kind of infertility issues. India serves as the new hub for advanced fertility treatments and we have the best fertility centers that are providing word-class and professional medical care at affordable prices. Apart from various qualitative fertility treatments, India, and especially fertility centers in Hyderabad are the most preferred destinations to take up various advanced reproductive technology. 

If you consider the best fertility centre in Hyderabad then Motherhood is the perfect pick for any infertile couple who want to seek the best treatment and care. Motherhood fertility centre in Hyderabad is the most promising infertility treatment destination for a wide range of patients who are suffering from varied kinds of infertility issues. We are one of the most reputed fertility hospitals in Hyderabad where our fertility treatments are within your budget and also available world-class surgical facilities, technologically advanced labs. As the best fertility centre in Hyderabad, we provide superior quality medical care and service operations with the help of hands-on experienced infertility specialists

As the leading fertility hospital in Hyderabad, we nurture reproductive health and assisted fertilization services and our services portfolio involves popular and effective fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, surrogacy, egg donation, cryopreservation, and others too. The topmost fertility center in Hyderabad prioritizes patients and provides a relaxed, caring, and supportive environment. Our infertility specialists well-understand regarding your sensitive emotions involved in your fertility treatment and promise complete privacy regarding your information. 

Two famous fertility treatments offered in India

A wide range of factors nad positive outcomes is what making India as one of the prominent fertility hubs in the world. Our Infertility Doctors in Hyderabad contribute the most and making fertility treatment possible and successful for most of the infertile couples. 

IVF---IVF has gained huge popularity across the world due to its high success rates concerning the occurrence of pregnancy. We do have several IVF centers in Hyderabad where advanced IVF treatment is being performed by the experienced infertility specialists who are qualified in the field of genetics and embryo culture. 

Modern laboratory equipment and advanced tools of IVF centers in Hyderabad are used to perform the treatment. The embryos are being developed in contamination-free medical labs of fertility centers in Hyderabad with extreme care and under the guidance of experienced embryologists.  Later the process takes place inside the uterus of the female patient. 

The IVF has the highest success rates compared to other fertility solutions. This success also depends on various other factors such as age, lifestyle habits, family history, and others. Simply, the success rate of IVF is inversely proportional to the age of the women. 


The IUI in India is carried out with extreme care and precision. Motherhood IUI fertility center in Hyderabad performs IUI when the male partner’s sperms are not sufficient or even they are low motile in nature. Both male and female partners have to go through some basic necessary tests at the IUI fertility center in Hyderabad to determine the exact cause of the treatment. age affects the success rates of the IUI procedure. Whereas this procedure is higher in younger women. 

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