Signs It Might Be Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes hot air. Everybody worries about when it might be time to repair or replace their air conditioning system. While nothing can last forever, some home system breakdowns are more devastating than a broken air conditioner. If you think you need an AC replacement in Salt Lake City, here are a few signs its time for a change.

Air conditioners usually lasts 10-15 years while HVAC systems can last up to 15-20 years. Your heating and cooling systems can last when they are properly maintained, like cleaning the systems filters and air ducts regularly. When to replace your AC unit depends on you begin to notice your cooling system is working less effectively than before. Or when you notice your temperature is not adjusting properly.

Not getting cold air
This might sound obvious, but when you are not getting any cool air, there is probably something wrong with your unit. From lower Freon levels to a broken compressor, there are a number of factors that contribute to a necessary AC replacement. Be sure to call a professional in Salt Lake City and take a look at your unit. If the repair is extensive it might be more efficient to get a full AC replacement.

Low airflow
You might be getting cold air, but what if you notice you are not getting as much airflow as you used to. This could mean a number of things. It is possible to geta professional in Salt Lake City to look over your unit and determine the repairs, but if the repairs seem extensive, you might want to invest in a complete AC replacement.

Unusual sounds
Do you hear loud grinding coming from your air conditioner? Perhaps you hear rattling, baning, squealing and other noises that don’t seem right. These noises can become a serious problem - such as a belt slipping out or broken motor bearings - that could lead to a costly repair or a need for an AC replacement if not addressed immediately.

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