Tips to keep your Clothes shiny and Shrink Free

Who does not want to keep their clothes shiny and wrinkle free. In today’s world, when appearance matters a lot people take a lot of effort to put their best foot forward when it comes to dressing up. If you are one of those who always wonder how the people around you are so immaculately and well-dressed here are some tips to keep your clothes shiny and shrink free.

Here are some simple tips that will help you to keep your clothes shiny and shrink free.

Sort your clothes as per colour : One of the major reasons why people detest doing laundry is that they have the fear of the colours bleeding and the clothes getting ruined. If you are planning to do your laundry at home, then ensure that you wash them as per colour. Wash the colours together and the whites together. This will ensure that there is minimal risk of the colours bleeding and ruining the others. If you are still not sure which colour will bleed and not, you can simply avail the services of a reputed laundry service that has the required expertise to treat and wash your favourite red t shirt without exposing it to the risk of bleeding.

Do not experiment with woollens and linens: Everyone will agree that the most challenging material to wash at home are woollens and linens . No matter , how gently you might wash them they eventually shrink. Well, either you read the instruction manual carefully on the garment to wash it right or leave this daunting task to the experts to ensure that the job is done to perfection without altering the size.

Manage your clothes : One of the tricks of looking good is to ensure that you plan your wardrobe and keep clothes ready for an emergency. Like ,if you are working in a corporate set up then you must always have a business suit washed and ironed. This will ensure that suddenly if a meeting comes up you are not left looking for what to wear. Just in case , there are surprises, you can simply opt for well-known laundry service providers who will deliver you squeaky clean and ironed clothes in 48 hours.

Clean your shoes too: When it comes to sporting a well thought out and sharp look, it is important to pay attention to shoes too. Haggard, dirty or washed out shoes can simply ruin your overall look and spoil your first impression. Hence always ensure that along with clothes you also dry clean your shoes.

Well, you can do all these things at home yourself or leave it to experts like Dhobilite. They are pioneers in the field of dry-cleaning and will take care of your clothes , shoes and upholstery too.

Posted By : Nishant Tripathi // in Cleaning and Sanitation