Family Law Experts in Gold Coast and Brisbane


Caring, expert family law support that gets results.

Turn complex situations into real-life solutions with the right experience and advice.

Clarity and confidence when you need it.

If you’re here, it’s because right now things are uncertain. You’re dealing with a delicate or difficult situation, feeling all the feelings – confused, scared, angry, sad, overwhelmed – and you need help.

This is a time when you need clarity, not heavy legal-ese jargon that confuses you even more.

You need a practical plan, and the right support on your side to achieve an efficient resolution.

At Neilson Law, we’ve helped hundreds of people like you navigate complex family law situations with simple solutions.


Working with us you will:

  • Feel supported with a caring approach.
  • Be offered the option of fixed fees or deferred payment options, where possible.
  • Receive clear advice in plain English.
  • Know what’s happening every step of the way.
  • Get the benefit of our experience dealing with complex cases.

In what’s often an emotional and challenging time for you, our aim is simple: resolve your family law issue quickly to your reduce stress and achieve the best possible outcome.

Who we are.

When you’re facing an emotional or difficult situation, to get the best outcome you need to be practical and impartial. And as you know, that’s almost impossible when you’re negotiating family “stuff”.

At Neilson Law our experience dealing with family issues like yours means we’re ready with solutions that suit your situation. We’re the support you need, the impartial, expert legal advisors behind you to help you move forward.

Our promise to you is:

  • Strength – in helping you get through tough times, and
  • Clarity – about options and solutions, and
  • Results – so you can move on to a brighter and better future.


Our contact details are as follows:

Phone - 07 3180 0135
Gold Coast
Phone - 07 5591 9535
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