Things you must keep in mind before buying commercial kitchen equipment

  1. Restaurant’s concept 

The commercial kitchen equipment you need at your restaurant largely depends on the theme and the kind of food you’re going to serve there. Once you are ready with the menu, you’ll know better the kind of kitchen equipment you would need to prepare those dishes. 

Let’s say you’re a restaurant that serves only Chinese cuisine. You wouldn’t need glass display freezers or a bar counter. If you’re a Quick Service Restaurant, you might need trays to serve customers. 

  1. Your restaurant’s budget 

Every restaurant works on a budget. You don’t have to necessarily buy things that you may not require for your restaurant. For example, a fine dining restaurant would require almost all major equipment and bakery wouldn’t need grills and fryers.

  1. Easy to use

Sure, commercial kitchen equipment reduces manual labor. But if the machinery is full of complicated buttons and is difficult to use, then it single-handedly dissolves the purpose of using such equipment. Your commercial kitchen equipment must be user-friendly. Some kitchen work that doesn’t require any training and can be operated by anyone. 

  1. Avoid crowding your kitchen 

You wouldn’t want your kitchen to look messy with too many bulky pieces of equipment, scattered all over the kitchen space. Instead of buying 2-3 pieces, you could buy a piece of single equipment that performs multiple functions. A food processor performs the functions of chopping, slicing, dicing, and grinding vegetables. It also helps beat eggs and grind meat. You don’t have to buy separate knives for doing all of this. 

  1. Sustaining that equipment

You’ve done your research. Picked out all the commercial kitchen equipment you require for your establishment. Then you’ve bought them to run your restaurant kitchen. However, this entire process becomes futile if you don’t maintain your equipment. All the restaurant kitchen equipment must be taken care regularly. Some require cleaning every day, while others can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. 

  1. Speed and electricity efficient  

The entire activity of equipping your kitchen with commercial kitchen equipment is to increase the overall efficiency of your restaurant. Buy things that have good speed and are strong enough to handle the large volume of orders. All of this while conserving energy. Hence, it’s crucial that you buy equipment which doesn’t eat up a lot of electricity. 

  1. Quality equipment that lasts

Commercial kitchen equipment today is made of different kind of materials like stainless steel, aluminum, wood and many others. You should buy equipment that are good conductors of heat, non-corrosive and doesn’t turn bad after long usage. Stainless steel and aluminum products prove the be the most efficient and have a longer life span. Although wooden equipment looks appealing, they are not very reliable to use. 

  1. Check the equipment 

Don’t be in rush when you’re buying commercial kitchen equipment. It’s important that you check each piece carefully before buying. Often people end up not checking, only to find later that it’s not working. If there’s something wrong, you can get it rectified well in time. And in front of the vendors. 

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