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The best-designed programs in the world are meaningless if we aren’t able to get athletes/clients to do them. I believe our job as coaches is to help clients create meaningful, lasting change in their peoples lives while guiding them towards achieving their desired goals Gym In Scottsdale AZ. There are many ways to accomplish this task and these are a few thoughts on creating the best possible scenario for success. To start, we need clients to “buy in” to what we want to accomplish, which is brought about by trust and understanding. One-way to achieve this is through a strategy called the 3 + 1cs, which is a framework for relationship building.  The first C-Closeness– Athletes/clients need to feel like they can share things with you, talk with you. Being “stoic” and reserved makes it tough for people to read you which in turn doesn’t make them feel connected to you. I believe that players are more willing to go that extra mile when they feel like they are cared for.

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